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Simulation, software package, waterway, logistics, hydrology

International Joint Commission Commercial Navigation Model, the managers of the US and Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway required a simulation and software tools to test the operational and economic impact of waterway management plans.  The work included: simulation, Windows automation, database analysis, marine operations analysis and marine economics analysis.

Petro-chemicals, ship cost, terminal cost, rail cost, port charges.

Methanex Corporation, Prepared a transport costing model.  The client required a transport costing model to compare petrochemical shipments out of Kitimat against shipments out of Vancouver.  Ship costs, terminal costs, port charges and transport costs were included.

Master plan, cargo markets, benefit/cost analysis, layouts.

Stewart Port Master Plan, District of Stewart, prepared a master plan of deep sea, coastal port facilities, road connections and industrial lands.  The work included a cargo market analysis, benefit/cost assessment, inspections and layout plans.

computer simulation, operations, sulphur, capacity analysis.

Analysis of Sultran Export Capacity Allocation, Sultran Ltd., prepared a detailed operations analysis and computer simulation of options at two sulphur terminals, Pacific Coast Terminals and Vancouver Wharves.

bulk terminals, competitive assessment, cost assessment

Competitive Assessment of Vancouver Wharves, Quorum Group Ltd., prepared cost and competitive assessment of Vancouver Wharves in comparison with other BC bulk and break bulk terminals.

Port Master Plan, bulk, break bulk, forest products, market analysis

Master Plan for Port Development at Stewart, BC, District of Stewart, prepared a market analysis, layouts and cost estimates for a long term development plan.

commercial navigation, hydrographic, waterways management

Navigation in the Upper Fraser River, Canadian Coast Guard, analysis of navigation in an area of few navaids and hydrographic charts.  Included a pilot project for user generated electronic charts.

marine transit, ferry costs, operations analysis

Investigated options for small scale low cost marine transit ferry services at 11 crossings in the Vancouver area; performed an international comparison of marine transit services and operations.

database, traffic, vessel specifications, mapping

National Commercial Channel Inventory, Canadian Coast Guard, Upper Fraser River, Courtenay, Squamish, documented vessel movements, vessel courses, and company data.  Produced vessel movement maps and current trends overview.

marina master plan, market, financial

Prepared Master Plan for Burrard Civic Marina in Vancouver including: site layouts, market analysis, financial and benefit/cost analysis, implementation plan.


layouts, terminal, market, operations, rail analysis, simulation, site plan


Lynnterm/Seaboard Consolidation Plan, Western Stevedoring Co. Ltd., prepared a plan to unite two terminals for breakbulk and container handling.


legislation, draft law, inland waterways


Vietnam Inland Waterways Legislation, for CPCS Ltd., reviewed existing legislation and recommended changes for a new draft law.


waterway policy, international conventions


Vietnam Inland Waterways Policy Seminar, for CPCS Ltd., presented on international convention obligations and waterway management policy.


layouts, equipment costs, container handling


Lynnterm Container Capacity Analysis, Western Stevedoring Co. Ltd., Vancouver; assessed the conversion from breakbulk to container handling,  prepared layouts and estimated capacity, costs and equipment requirements.


facilities, accommodation costs, operations


CCG/DFO Station Review Port Hardy, Reviewed facilities requirement for the Coast Guard and Dept of Fisheries & Oceans in Port Hardy.


marina, financial analysis, market


Detailed Planning for Wards Marina, City of Surrey, Prepared drawings, market assessment, financial analysis, and worked with stakeholder groups.


rail yard simulation, yard operations analysis


Rail Yard Simulation, Vancouver Wharves Ltd, Prepared a computer simulation and operations analysis of BCR's rail yard adjacent to the client's terminal to assess benefits of a proposed loop track.


warehouses, procurement, inventory


DFO Procurement & Inventory Review, Developed a database of purchasing transactions, recommended options for warehouse management, procurement  data entry and audit, and vessel re-supply.


bases, offices, laboratories, accommodation costing


DFO Facility Rationalization Study, Consulting and Audit Canada, Developed and costed accommodation options for DFO and CCG facilities in Prince Rupert, Victoria, Pat Bay, Vancouver, Richmond and the Fraser Valley.


business plan, drawings, financial analysis


Business Plan for Wards Marina, City of Surrey, Prepared a business plan, financial analysis and planning drawings for development of the marina.


coated paper, transport, logistics, warehousing, damage free handling, N. America and overseas


Development of a Damage Free Handling, Distribution and Storage System for Coated Paper, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., Examined coated paper shipments from Western Canada to overseas and North American customers.  Several ports were assessed with respect to truck, rail, port terminal and ship transport systems.


business plan, harbour plan, gravel markets


Stewart Port Development Business Plan, Gov't of B.C., Developed & costed a harbour development plan, market studies for overseas gravel exports.


traffic database, tidal database, traffic patterns


Fraser River Draught Utilization Study, Canadian Coast Guard, developed a database of deep sea vessel movements in relation to tides; compared traffic patterns, registered and actual draughts to optimize dredging requirements.


warehouse, newsprint, pulp, transport, handling


Warehouse location & transport analysis, Australian News Print Mills, Tasmania,  reviewed transport & materials handling and warehouse options.


database, traffic, vessel specifications, mapping


National Commercial Channel Inventory, Canadian Coast Guard, Fraser River main channels, documented vessel movements, vessel courses, and company data.  Produced vessel movement maps and current trends overview.


log sorting, log transport by truck, logistics


Log Transportation Project, Timber West Forest Products Ltd., reviewed stump to dump logistics of log transport by highway & off-highway trucks and examined site  options for log sorting


site analysis, commodity market review


Berry Point Suitability Assessment, Vancouver Port Corporation, assessed suitability of a terminal development site, reviewed markets for terminal types


design specifications, operations plan


Design of Automated Warehouse, Tasman Pulp & Paper Ltd., NZ, prepared detailed design specifications, warehouse & shiploading operations plan


database, traffic, vessel specifications, mapping


National Commercial Channel Inventory, Canadian Coast Guard, Fraser River side channels, documented vessel movements, vessel courses, and company data.  Produced vessel movement maps and current trends overview.  


warehousing, layouts, equipment, simulation analysis


Shipping Warehouse Development Plan, Crofton, BC, , Fletcher Challenge Canada, prepared and costed options for: warehouse layouts, mobile equipment, rail handling, ship loading, and siting options


logistics, warehousing, multimodal handling,

CAD 3D renderings


Redesign of Transport and Logistics System, Tasman Pulp and Paper Ltd., Mt. Maunganui, NZ, documented logistics chain, cost analysis of warehouse and handling options, prepared layouts and site development plans


project management, work package TORs, organization plan


Project Management Plan, Tasman Pulp and Paper Ltd., NZ, prepared a plan for a major capital project including: project goal, purpose, project framework, TORs for work packages, project organization plan


barging logistics, community impact,

operations costs


Mackenzie River Early Deployment Study, Canadian Coast Guard, investigated impact of a shortened navigation season on communities served by marine transport and estimated costs to marine carriers.


sector wide review, intermodal impacts


Review of Marine Sector, Guyana, Canadian International Development Agency, reviewed government marine sector expenditures and facilities for deep sea, coastal and river traffic; provided inputs for a World Bank review.


recreational, commercial traffic, use of navigation aids


Interior Lakes User Impact Study, Canadian Coast Guard, assessed impact of reduced navigation aids services on recreational and commercial traffic at four large lakes in British Columbia.


dredging benefits, shipping operations, user interviews


Benefit Analysis of Dredging in the Fraser River - Sumas to Hope, Canadian Coast Guard,  determined operational benefits and calculated economic benefits of continuing a dredging programme.


dredging benefits, shipping operations, user interviews


Benefit Analysis of Dredging in the Campbell River Estuary, Canadian Coast Guard, determined operational benefits and calculated economic benefits of a proposed dredging programme.


marine traffic, data base,  macro programming, GIS mapping


National Commercial Channel Inventory, Canadian Coast Guard, documented vessel movements, courses, and company data for several B.C. ports including Vancouver, and Fraser River.  Produced vessel movements maps.  


evaluation, policy, multi-modal analysis, benefits, project management


Evaluation of Southern Africa Transport and Communications Committee project; Canadian International Development Agency; did a project management evaluation of 14 Canadian aid projects in the transport sector.


terminal layouts, capacity,  concepts, CAD 3D renderings


Assessment of Layout Concepts, Norterm, Vancouver Port Corporation, measured throughput capacity, assessed several layouts for: warehouse, trackage, roads, aisleways; used CAD 3D renderings to display concepts.


rail and vessel costing,

vessel sizing, coal exports, Pacific rim ports


Port of Los Angeles, Dry Bulk Terminal project, developed  base criteria for  the prime consultant; determined ship waiting costs, train waiting costs, shipment sizes, shipment and vessel arrival patterns. 


deepsea tankers; voyage costing, financial analysis


Water Exports Financial Analysis; B.C. Government, provided the prime consultant with a financial analysis of options for the transport of water in large deepsea tankers; used a voyage costing model.


petroleum and chemicals barge traffic, database analysis


National VTS Update Study; Government Consulting Group; surveyed company data to enumerate the movements and routing of chemical and petroleum barge movements on the B.C. coast.


aids to navigation; recreational boating


Evaluation of the Demand for Aids to Navigation for Recreational Boating, Transport Canada; provided prime consultant with western Canadian boating activity, trends and demand factors for navigation aids and for cost recovery.


warehouse location, simulation, benefit/cost analysis, audit


NZFP Pulp and Paper and Tasman Pulp and Paper Warehouse study, New Zealand; prepared: site development drawings, benefit cost model for client use, simulation of warehouse capacity, audited a port development plan.


Industrial land development planning, markets, land use plan


Industrial Land Development Potentials Near Middle Point, Merrill & Ring Inc., assessed demand for industrial land for a Campbell River property, prepared drawings for site layout and land and marine access.


Project Evaluation,      benefit/cost analysis, contract management


Dominica PHG Road Evaluation, Canadian International Development Agency, performed a project evaluation, examined contracting procedures and management, did a benefit/cost analysis and site inspection.



database analysis, CAD


Lynnterm Berth Extension Project, Vancouver Port Corp, performed and database and computer simulation analysis of a four berth general cargo terminal to determine the need for an additional berth.


contract negotiations, management


Contract Negotiations, Iraq, assisted a private contractor in contract negotiations and project management for a large grain storage project.


economic development strategy


District of Squamish, Economic Strategy, developed strategies for: tourism, industrial parks, transport infrastructure and planning.


housing strategy,

approval procedures


District of Squamish, Rental Housing Strategy, investigated the supply and demand for rental housing as well as the project approval process, made recommendations for increasing the supply of rental housing.




river navigation


Canadian Coast Guard, Mackenzie River Vessel Deployment Study, assessed options for deployment of aids tenders on a 2,000 km river system in northern Canada.  At  issue, were: 4 vessels, 3,000 navigation aids, and 30 storage sites.


market study

cruise ships

fishing vessels, tourism


Public Works Canada, Small Craft Harbour Market Study at Sandspit; a new national park on the Queen Charlotte Islands off Canada's west coast required a planning study for creation of a new fishing & tourist harbour.



project management,

program audit


Consulting and Audit Canada, Operational Audit of Small Craft Harbours Branch, assisted in auditing procedures for inspection, maintenance, planning and construction of small craft harbours.


helicopter deployment,

berth utilization



Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), Site Planning Study, Developed an operations data base for the tasking and deployment of CCG helicopters on Canada's west coast and the issue of the enlargement of vessel berthing facilities.


operations model,

port operations analysis, forest products


Nanaimo Harbour Commission, Terminal Planning and Capacity Study, Investigated the development of four deep sea wharves at two sites.  Developed an operations analysis database and operations model.


international finance, loan conditions,

competition, line of credit


Canadian International Development Agency, India Line of Credit, Investigated  a line of credit for the purchase of Canadian transport equipment; assessed lending terms and competitive ability of  Canadian firms.


user demand,

facilities development plan


District of Campbell River, Middle Point Marine  Terminal Business Plan, investigated user needs, produced a staged development plan for bulk commodities, general cargo and fish products. Estimated revenues & costs.


simulation, operations database, capacity analysis, facilities needs


Vancouver Port Corporation, Capacity potentials at Lynnterm, investigated  options to expand this forest product &  general cargo terminal.  Used computer simulation  to analyze warehouse usage and open lumber storage.


operations analysis, facilities demand, benefit/cost analysis


Canadian International Development Agency, Aqaba, Jordan, Studied new bulk & semi‑bulk facilities, inspected facilities & evaluated Aqaba's facilities requirements to establish criteria for a new terminal.



inventory analysis


Vancouver, Canada, investigation of product storage requirements for a proposed multi‑product terminal; used computer simulation techniques



database analysis, bulk terminal


Vancouver, Canada, investigation of development options for a multi-product terminal, simulation data input was based on a database & spreadsheet analysis of existing operations.


capacity planning, market analysis


Vancouver, Goodwin Johnson Ltd., assessed the site development options and markets for a new forest products export terminal.


benefit/cost analysis, site planning, risk analysis


Campbell River, Ports & Harbours, CCG, updated a site  plan comprising a steel mill, bulk import and export facilities, general cargo and fish processing.


operations costing, mobile equipment, labour


Kitimat, British Columbia, determined the requirements for handling equipment and operating labour for a proposed forest products terminal.


plant location, logistics analysis


Prince Rupert Fishermen's Co‑operative Ass'n, plant location analysis for fish feed mill enterprise optimizing the costs of labour, land and transport.


business plan, pro forma financial forecasts, benefit/cost analysis


Kitimaat Indian Band, Kitimaat, British Columbia;  developed a business plan.  The plan included  a small craft marina, a camping facility, supporting services businesses and community benefits.


cost/benefit analysis, facilities inspection


Canadian Coast Guard, Operational Requirements Analysis, Inspected facilities in the Northwest Territories and in British Columbia. Performed cost/benefit analyses of proposals in a long term capital investment plan.


costs, operations analysis, logistics


Canadian Coast Guard, Operational Impacts of a CCG Sub‑Base at Port Hardy, costed vessel & aircraft operations for a Port Hardy operational base.  Impacts on users were examined.


Evaluation TORs & Evaluation Framework, RFP and TORs


Canadian International Development Agency, Mechanized Farms in Tanzania. developed an Evaluation TOR, an Evaluation Framework and a consulting cost estimate and work plan, an RFP and TORs for an Issues Analysis.


Contribution Agreement for executing agency


KTI/ATTC Rehabilitation and Technical Assistance Project, Ghana, Canadian International Development Agency, prepared the Contribution Agreement between CIDA and the Canadian university.


Project Approval Memorandum (PAM)


Kenya General Training Fund - Phase II, Canadian International Development Agency, developed a Project Approval Memorandum (PAM) for this project.


Project Approval Memorandum (PAM)


CARE Apiculture - Phase I, Kenya, Canadian International Development Agency, prepared a Project Approval Memorandum (PAM).


Evaluation TORs, Project Approval Memorandum (PAM), Plan of Ops


Uganda Apiculture Rehabilitation, Canadian International Development Agency, prepared Terms of Reference for an Evaluation, an Evaluation Framework, a Plan of Operations (POP) and a Project Approval Memorandum.


PMBA, (Project Management By Activity), TORs, RFP


Canadian International Development Agency, Briefing Centre Manuals & Reports, developed a terms of reference and work specification document for training manual preparation contractors; used PMBA.


benefit/cost analysis, river vessel operations


Canadian Coast Guard, Base Reconstruction Study, examined the cost/benefits of maintaining a base important to tug/barge operations on the Mackenzie River; investigated community impacts.


distribution, logistics, project definition


Canadian International Development Agency, Fertilizer Distribution in India; part of  a CIDA mission to India to regarding a Canadian assistance program.


user survey, economic analysis


Canadian Coast Guard, Traffic Analysis of the Campbell River Estuary; examined dredging and navigational improvements.


vessel traffic analysis, forecast of trends


Consulting and Audit Canada, Base Capital Investment Plan Project; Surveyed  all vessel types operating in B.C.; Established counts, movement patterns and vessel days for deepsea, coastal, fishing and recreational vessels.


Evaluation Framework & Evaluation TORs warehousing, distribution


Maize & Fertilizer Storage Project, Zambia, Canadian International Development Agency, developed Terms Of Reference for an Evaluation, an evaluation framework and Terms of Reference for a consultants' mission.


PMBA (Project Management By Activity), WBS


TRC Telecommunications Project, Tanzania, Canadian International Development Agency, Developed an outline for  PMBA  project management; prepared a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and an Activity Network.


lumber terminals, facilities survey


Survey of Deepsea Lumber Export Terminals; confidential client; reported the capabilities, rates and activity levels for 14 lumber export terminals.


market study, tourism, small craft, sport fishing


District of Kitimat; Small Craft Harbour Market Study; Investigated current activity levels; local, regional and provincial small craft populations and characteristics; development staging; and project approval processes.


approval process, regulatory agencies


Waterfront Committee, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Prepared applications for a proposed small craft harbour for approval by regulatory agencies, of regional, provincial and federal governments.


financial feasibility, marina enterprises


Kitimaat Indian Band, Kitimaat, British Columbia,  Examined the financial feasibility of options for a small craft harbour and associated enterprises.


commodity flows, master plan, integrated development


District of Stewart, Foreshore Development; developed a plan for terminals to handle general forest products, woodchips, mineral concentrates and coals.  Developed layouts for terminals, marine access, and road/rail access.


commodity flows, facilities requirements, coastal shipping


District of Kitimat, Port Development Study; this study established the needs of current and potential shippers of commodities through the  Port.  Made recommendations concerning new port facilities.


shipping, operations


Alberta Wheat Pool, Berth Deepening Study; examined shipping patterns, competing terminals, and reviewed shipping trends for grain products.


Plan of Operations (POP)


Fisheries Feeder Roads Project, Zambia, Canadian International Development Agency, Plan of Operations (POP); this assignment involved the development of a project management plan for a 500 km road network project in Zambia.


concept plan, approval process outline


Waterfront Committee, Salmon Arm, B.C. Marine Development Design Concept for a marina at Salmon Arm and liaison with regulatory agencies.


project management, Plans of Operations (4)


Canadian International Development Agency, Plan of Operations; this assignment involved the development of a Plan of Operations for four forestry development projects in the Sudan.  On‑site negotiations were required.


traffic analysis, VTS planning, simulation, database analysis


Canadian Coast Guard, First Narrows Vessel Traffic Management Study; A report, computer hardware and software were provided. Analyzed options for traffic management using computer simulation and the vessel traffic database.


world bulk trade survey, course presenter


Ports Canada Senior Management Course, course presenter and panel member for the Centre For Transportation  Studies, U.B.C.  Course title was  'The West Coast ‑ Major Movements, Inbound and Outbound: Present and Prospective.'


terminal, ships, barges, simulation


Concept analysis of proposed coal transshipment facility,  New York‑New Jersey Port Authority U.S.A.  Managed study that compared six development schemes, examined train handling and navigational congestion.


transport policy, world bulk trade


Western Transportation Advisory Council; Involved in conferences, public speaking, and writing publications.  Researched the marketing and transport of forest products, coal, sulphur, potash, grain and petro‑chemicals.


terminal, shipping, marketing


U.S.A. Northwest Terminal Study; compared sites in Washington  and Oregon.  Topics included: environmental protection, coal blending, shipping trends, navigation, marine structures, terminal costing analysis, costs, and marketing.


railways, slurry, CPM, transport network, economic analysis, project management


Coal Transport Study, Engineering & Environmental Impact, SaskPower;  Managed a $650,000 study using CPM.  Compared existing & new railways, electrified railways and two types of slurry pipelines for coal transport from mines to power plant sites on more than 100 route combinations.


terminals, barges, shipping, trucking, railways, costing


Irish Coal Study, Cement-Roadstone Holdings Ltd., coal import and distribution;  Did a study of terminal and inland distribution options examining a mixed system of bulk carriers, tugs and barges, trains and trucks.


terminals, site selection, route selection


West Coast U.S.A. Port Study; Carried out an examination of rail routing and terminal site options to export coal for Shell Oil Co.


barge ramps, barges, railways, expert testimony


BCR Rail‑Barge Connections, feasibility and costs of barge forwarding to U.S.A. destinations  using rail‑barge ramps and towed rail‑barges.  Provided testimony to the Royal Commission inquiring into the BCR.


terminal, bulk commodities, railways, lakers


Gros Cacouna Project; Transport Canada; Examined options and markets for a bulk grain and coal transshipment port on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec using laker to deep sea ship transshipment,  and rail transportation.


project management, operations, terminal planning


Course on Bulk Terminal Development; senior management course for Royal Dutch Shell; Course panel member and gave section of course on operations research methods in port planning and design. 


terminals, ship and barge operations costings


Quinsam Coal Study; Costed options for tugs, barges, bulk carriers and terminals moving coal from Vancouver Is. to off‑shore customers directly and via Vancouver terminals. 


master planning, costing, simulation, labour allocation


Rotterdam Bulk Commodity Study; Europees Massageod Overslagbedrijf, Holland. staged expansion plan for six coal and iron ore terminals optimized by simulation, cost estimates, and a labour force reallocation plan. 


master planning, shipping, economic & financial analysis


Port Qasim, Port Development Plan, Pakistan, Canadian International Development Agency & Asian Development Bank.  Compared options for grain & fertilizer facilities using queuing, cost/benefit  and financial analysis.


terminals, shipping, costing


U.S.A. Bulk Terminal Site Comparison, Shell Oil Company, Transportation costing (rail,port,shipping) compared sites near Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington.  Computer  simulation were used to set design criteria.


terminal, vessel trends, costing


Roberts Bank Bulk Terminal, Ports Canada, Vancouver.  Examined shipping technology and trends to set terminal criteria for  ship size and type.


terminals, cost analysis, shipping, simulation


Materials Handling Layout and Staged Development Plan, Richards Bay Coal Terminal Co. Ltd., South Africa; optimized the materials handling system and  railway receiving for the world's largest coal export terminal.


master planning, shipping, financial & economic analysis


Economic and Financial Analysis of Expansion at Puerto Cortez, Empresa Nacional Portuaria, Honduras.  Analyzed shipping trends and facility options  for: wheat, sugar, fertilizer, concentrates, iron ore, and petroleum products.


oil terminal, simulation


Oil Export Terminal, Established design criteria for tank farm storage and ship handling facilities for a proposed terminal at Arica, Chile.


terminals, shipping, costing, distribution


Bengal‑Bihar Coal Study, Shipping Corp. of India; analysis of terminals  and ship types (self‑discharging, geared and gearless) for multi-port system around India.  Optimized ship and port investment using a voyage simulation.


terminals, shipping, simulation


Iron Ore Terminal Project; Gaucolda Chile, Set criteria for stockpile capacity, materials handling, ship congestion and mine/terminal interaction.


barges, terminals, containers, costing, simulation


Concentrate Transport Study, Guatemala, Inco, planned a tug/barge system  and  terminal for inbound fuel oil and outbound containerized ore concentrate.  Computer simulation set barge sizes, schedules, and fuel storage capacity.


terminals, shipping trends, simulation


Terminal Planning Study, shipping trends and terminal interaction, Hay Point, Australia. Forecasted ship sizes and investigated the costs of linking the shiploading berths of adjacent terminals using computer simulation methods.


railways, cost analysis, contracts


BCR Dease Lake Contracts Study, BCR, cost estimates and contract evaluation, British Columbia. Conducted a discounted cash flow analysis of contract options to set the pace of railway construction.


terminals, shipping, operations


Coal Terminal Feasibility, cost optimization of terminal and vessel investment, South Sumatra, Shell Coal International using queuing analysis.


barges, logistics, river navigation


Arctic Gas Logistics Plan, pipeline construction planning, Arctic Canada.   Developed a tug/barge operational flowsheet to supply construction materials for a large natural gas pipeline project.  Inspected facilities in the N.W.T.


distribution, shipping, terminals, simulation


Pusri Urea Project, fertilizer distribution system, Indonesia. Computer simulation of a five port distribution system, set design criteria for ships, terminals and distribution by rail and truck.


world bulk trends, markets, forecast


Roberts Bank Terminal Project, trade forecast, Vancouver, Canada.  Developed a forecast of bulk commodity exports through west coast ports.


terminal, shipping, operations, simulation, storage


Amazonia Mineracao, Carajas Ore Terminal, Brazil. Analyzed the receiving, storage, beneficiation and shipping of iron ore through a 54 mtpy terminal.  A simulation, a report and client presentations were prepared in Brazil.


terminal, storage, simulation


Salt Export Terminal Project, Established design criteria for product storage and handling capacity, Salif, Yemen.


ferry terminal, scheduling, simulation


Rail and Automobile Ferry Terminal, Sidney N.S. to Port Aux Basques Nfld. Used simulation to set terminal capacity,  schedules, and ship capacity.



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