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Plan, Tauranga
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Example - A Port Plan, Tauranga, New Zealand

Project - Plan for Integrated Break Bulk and Container Operations

In the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand, two competing forest products companies were asked to shift their operations to a new terminal site where they would co-exist with a new container terminal.  Our clients were the two forest companies, NZPF Pulp and Paper Pty Ltd. and Tasman Pulp and Paper Pty Ltd.  Questions to be investigated included:

bulletQuestion: What would be the cost of building and operating the new facilities for each company and what would be the return for each company?
bulletResult: A double blind benefit/cost study was prepared in two parts, private to each company.
bulletQuestion: Would there be large cost savings if the two competing companies operated out of the same storage facilities?
bulletResult: A computer simulation of joint compared with separated operations was conducted to determine the answer.
bulletQuestion: Would there be significant disruption to container shipping schedules on berths shared by container ships and by break bulk ships?
bulletResult: A computer simulation of vessel operations for the proposed joint facility was carried out.

Port of Tauranga, New Zealand




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