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Example - A Container Terminal Development Plan, Vancouver, Canada

Project - Sea-Lyn Container Terminal

Vancouver's rapidly growing container trade was capturing cargo from our clients who operate two adjacent break bulk terminals.  The planning challenge was to develop a staged plan for a combined container and break bulk terminal while at the same time maintaining efficient break bulk operations.  The terminal business concept was to provide customers with a wide range of shipping options, container or break bulk.  The combined terminal concept would have the unique ability to manage the fluid boundary between cargoes that are shipped by container and cargoes that are shipped break bulk.

sithigh.jpg (186216 bytes)    Lynnterm-large2.jpg (120794 bytes) The two terminals provided a combined usable area of about 48 ha (about 118 acres).  Within the combined terminal area, space was created for: 3 unit train intermodal yards, 26,000 to 30,000 teu of container storage capacity, and 56,000 sq m (about 600,000 sq ft) of covered break bulk storage and large open storage areas for general and break bulk cargoes.  Total container capacity was in excess of 800,000 teu and break bulk capacity was in excess of 2 million tonnes per year.   

Lauga & Associates formed a planning team with its associates to work with project managers, KPMG Consultants, to prepare the project plan.  Lauga & Associates' particular role was to prepare and cost the terminal layout plan.  Particular attention was paid to working with the railway (CN Rail) and with highway authorities to develop an efficient inter-modal plan.


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