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Logistics, Boyer
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Example - Warehousing and Materials Handling Plan, Boyer, Australia

Project - Development Plan and Construction of a New Shipping Warehouse

The client, Australian Newsprint Mills Pty Ltd., needed a warehousing and materials handling plan for their mill at Boyer, Tasmania.  Issues to the investigated included:

bulletLocating and planning a warehouse which receives paper reels from mill production and then loads a new special type of container flat.  The container flats, UPM's, were wrapped in shrink wrap plastic to protect the paper and facilitate handling.
bulletPlanning the logistics of unit trains which shuttled between the mill at Boyer, and the port at Bernie where RORO ships took mill production to the Australian mainland.
bulletPlanning the handing of: container flats (as UPM's), containers, break bulk, and general cargoes.
bulletReceiving at the mill included: empty containers, containers with general cargo, box cars of pulp, empty container flats, box cars of general cargo, and logs by truck and by rail.
bulletShipping from the mill included: containers of paper, and container flats of paper.
bulletDesigning an automated and damage free transfer system between the mill and the new warehouse.



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