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Example - Assessment of International Marine Treaty Obligations, Vietnam Inland Waterways

The Vietnam Inland Waterways Agency required an assessment of what its obligations were in relation to new international marine treaties and conventions.  Lauga & Associates were retained by CPCS Transcom Ltd. to review these obligations and conduct workshops in Vietnam.  Treaties and conventions investigated included: SOLAS, INMARSAT, MARPOL, Intervention Conventions, GMDSS, and STCW.  Standards and policies of Canadian, US, Australian, Singaporian and Hong Kong marine agencies were compared in relation to Vietnam.  Funding for the project was provided by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Lauga & Associates prepared a summary of maritime treaties, conventions and international agreements signed by Vietnam and reported on the potential implications to the Vietnam Inland Waterways Agency.  Mr. Lauga prepared a presentation and conducted a workshop in Hanoi on the topic.

Tug and barge traffic on the Red River, Vietnam


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