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Example - Canadian Coast Guard Base Capital Investment Plan

Consulting and Audit Canada retained Lauga & Associates to prepare Pacific Region Studies for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).  An Area Needs Analysis and an Operational Requirements Analysis were carried out.  Reports were prepared for the Director General of Aids and Waterways, CCG.

The Area Needs Analysis documented user profiles, and the demand for and supply of CCG services in 11 Sub-areas of the Western Region, ranging from the Pacific coast to western Arctic.  All user groups, commercial marine, commercial fishing and recreational, were examined.  An evaluation of the general adequacy of Western Region facilities to support services was prepared.

The Operational Requirements Analysis examined services provided to the marine community from the perspective of operations and base support provided by the CCG.  Facilities, equipment, human resources and materiel were examined.  Specific deficiencies and options for addressing the deficiencies were provided.

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