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Navigation Benefits, Upper Fraser River

Lauga & Associates has been retained by the Canadian Coast Guard to investigate the benefits of navigational improvements on the Upper Fraser River, Sumas to Hope.  This part of the river has been continuously providing commercial navigation for more than 100 years. 

Goal of the Study

The study goal is to be a catalyst for improving navigation on the upper Fraser River. At the same time, navigational improvements are expected to be consistent with the parallel goal of environmentally sustainable development in the region and should be coordinated to assist with dyking and flood control.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to provide answers to the following questions:

bulletWho would derive immediate benefits from improved navigation?
bulletWho are the potential future beneficiaries of improved navigation?
bulletHow would improved navigation impact on existing economic activity and how could improved navigation stimulate additional future economic activity?
bulletWhat are the ultimate potentials and limitations of navigation of a developed waterway on the upper Fraser River?
bulletWhat are the consequences of poor navigation opportunities on the upper Fraser River?
bulletWhat is required to improve navigation?
bulletWhat existing information is available about the environmental and hydraulic impacts of waterways development on the upper Fraser River?
bulletWhat government agencies would be involved in regulating and permitting for navigation and waterways development activities such as dredging?
bulletWhat relationships are there between waterways development and, dyking and flood control and how can waterways improvements assist dyking and flood control efforts?
bulletWhat characteristics of the upper Fraser River are relevant to waterways development?
bulletWhat management structures may be appropriate to regulate and coordinate waterways development and the parallel activities of environmental management and of dyking and flood control?
bulletHow would improved navigation affect the logistics of navigation on the upper Fraser River and what are the linkages to the lower Fraser River?
bulletWhat is the most appropriate combination of river transport technology and waterways development on the upper Fraser River taking into account the characteristics of the River and the need for environmental protection?



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