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Operations research using computer simulation has been applied to: terminal planning, vessel logistics, navigational studies and rail and truck operations associated with terminals.

Example - Computer simulation for Vessel Traffic Management, Port of Vancouver

The client, the Canadian Coast Guard, wished to redesign navigation aids at the entrance to the port.  Computer simulation was used to assess and locate collision risks and improve Vessel Traffic Management (VTM).

Example - Computer simulation of Coast Guard aids tender patrols, Mackenzie River

Coast Guard patrols along the 2,000 km main channel of the Mackenzie River were simulated to assess options for minimizing the number of vessels being used.

Example - Computer simulation of rail exchange yard, Vancouver Wharves Ltd., Port of Vancouver

The BCR's main exchange yard is adjacent to Vancouver Wharves Ltd.  Since the two operations are interdependent, a proposed loop track and yard operations changes were evaluated by simulation.

Example - Computer simulation of mixed container and break bulk terminal, Port of Tauranga, NZ

The Port of Tauranga's Sulphur Point container terminal was proposed to include a new break bulk warehouse and shiploading function.  Computer simulation was carried out to assess the potential impact on container ship scheduling. 

Example - Inventory Management for Two Sulphur Terminals

Sultran Ltd. ships sulphur from 11 sulphur forming plans along three rail routes to two Vancouver terminals.  Sultran wished to investigate improved inventory management at its terminals.  A computer simulation model was created to test inventory several management concepts.


Home Up VTM, Vancouver Nav Aids Tenders Rail Yard Sulphur Terminal

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