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Our Work

Lauga & Associates are port planning and marine consultants.  Our work is port planning, computer simulation, waterways management and management consulting to marine sector public and private agencies.

bulletWe plan marine terminals, assess waterways development projects, develop port master plans, prepare port marketing strategies, optimize port operations and determine the operational and financial feasibility of new port and marine investments.
bulletWe prepare baseline studies that our clients use to make decisions about investments and operations.
bulletWe use computer simulation to test the efficiency of port plans and operational plans. 

Company Profile

Established in 1983, Lauga & Associates Consulting Ltd. is an independent privately held consulting firm.

More than 100 port planning and marine projects have been completed.  Project locations have included: Canada, Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, the Sudan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ireland, U.S.A., Southern Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean.  We apply the following methodologies:

bulletOperational Analysis - The firm has experience with developing port industrial lands, equipment costing, industrial warehouse location and layout analysis.  Operations for containers, bulk materials, forest products and general cargoes have been assessed.
bulletOperations Research - Using techniques such as computer simulation, operations research methodologies have been applied to: terminal operations optimization, materials handling systems analysis, ship logistics, river transport systems, cargo wharves and their supporting cargo storage areas and warehouses and linking truck and rail systems, vessel traffic management and the design of aids to navigation systems.
bulletProject Management - Services in project management include: developing terms of reference and detailed work specification documents, creating work breakdown structures, project plans of operations, project evaluation, project mission reports, project progress reports, management of project consultants, project budgeting and scheduling.
bulletEconomic and Financial Analysis - Services include: cost benefit studies, economic risk analysis, financial analysis, market studies, multi-modal and system optimization of transport networks, and defining development concepts and economic strategies.
bulletManagement Consulting - This work has included: developing business plans, development master plans, marketing opportunity studies, new enterprise financial projections and conducting management seminars.


Marine Projects

Our services to the port planning and marine sector have included projects in the following areas:

Port Planning

Port planning services have been applied to container, break bulk, general cargo and bulk facilities.  The planning services have included: marketing, operational analysis, facilities planning and broad based development plans. 


Logistics port planning has included: materials handling, warehousing, multi-modal transfers and transport carrier logistics.


Waterways management projects have addressed: dredging, waterways investments, vessel traffic management, short range navigation aids, and long range navigation aids.  We have performed projects to carry out: area needs analysis, operational requirements analysis, benefit/cost analysis and investment plans. 

Marine OR

Marine Operations Research includes the use of techniques such as computer simulation to validate port planning.  These techniques have been applied to answer questions about: terminal capacity, terminal operations, vessel traffic management, vessel logistics and rail and road access to terminals.

Small Craft

Small craft projects have included: marina master plans, small craft harbour market studies, marine traffic studies, small craft harbour economic and financial feasibility analysis.

Marine Agencies

Work for public marine agencies has included: facilities planning, warehousing, vessel deployment, navigational studies and vessel re-supply, and capital investment plans. 


Contact Information

1-888-493-9935 (toll free within North America); from outside North America call, 1-604-926-7905.
Electronic mail
General Information:    [email protected] 


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